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Commercial Refrigeration

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Let us guide you to the right fridge freezer to meet your requirements. With over 30 years in the refrigeration industry we can provide you with honest and reliable advice so you know you're getting a great service and reliable fridge freezer equipment.

Get the benefits with our Fridge Freezers


Wherever you go whether it's a pub, a shop or a home fridge freezers are always around keeping your goods and stock cool, it's important to refrigerate goods to keep

them from going off and for storage purposes.


Our refrigeration equipment can give you the storage you need with multi deck fridge

freezers for a stress free life.

Fully functional and highly reliable fridge freezers

• Extra storage

• Keeps food and drink chilled

• Handy for businesses

Need some extra storage? Easychill Ltd can help, call:

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Our multi deck fridge freezers are a good piece of equipment to have, especially if you are a highly professional business that needs to store a lot of stock away, i.e. beer and food in pubs or shops. We can provide these for you at an extremely competitive rate.

Multi deck fridge freezers that are excellent for businesses that need extra storage

Benefits of fridge freezers:

Multi deck fridge freezers

Whether you're a business or just want a fridge for extra storage space we provide you with free advice and a helping hand when picking a fridge freezer. But that's not where our expertise stops, as we can install and repair cold rooms too.

Fridges or cold rooms? You decide.