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Commercial Refrigeration

Large cold rooms Someone adjusting the room temperature regulator

Cold rooms are essential for many businesses now. Especially for businesses with large quantities of stock.

Keeping stock chilled


If you are a business that has mass quantities of meat or fruit and vegetables it's imperative to have a fully functioning and highly reliable cold room so stock stays

fresh and keeps for longer.

Cold room repairs and installation, for a stress free life

• Frees up space in refrigerators

• Backup as they do not use electricity

• Can be any shape or size

• Cost effective

• Large storage quantity

• Food keeps for longer

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A cold room is a lot colder than a normal room, and that helps food keep for longer.

Cold rooms also help free up space in your refrigerator, and they aren't powered by electricity like most fridges, so they are a lot more accessible and save you money.

Cold rooms are essential for large businesses with large quantities of stock

Benefits of cold rooms:

Keeping it cool

Large cold room