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Commercial Refrigeration

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There's nothing worse than being in a boiling hot room and having to stay in there!


Whether you're working or not, any overheated room is a pain to be in.

Keep your cool!


Our 30 years of experience in the industry means that we can install a first class air conditioning system into your business establishment or home at a competitive rate. We can come in at short notice with no fuss and provide you with the cool touch your rooms need.

You'll be cool, calm and collected with our air conditioning

Air conditioning maintenance is important in order to keep up with regulatory and standard procedure in the workplace.


To keep your systems running at optimum level and performing to its highest potential call us today and we will inspect you air conditioning for you.

For a cool service providing great air conditioning, call:

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If your air conditioning has broken and needs repairing it's vitally important that you get it fixed, especially if you have customers or staff in the facility constantly. Our refrigeration experts are qualified and able to provide a repairs service any time of the day.

Air conditioning regulates the air in your room to stop you from becoming hot and flustered

Air conditioning maintenance

24-hour emergency service

If you need an installation or repair to any refrigeration or air conditioning unit then we can provide a 24-hour service for you.


Contact us today and we can come and sort the issue out for you.

Keep cool and contact us